Castle Crashers - New Game

I purchased the game nearly two years ago & even though the kids have played & completed the game, I had yet to start. With 4 player on-line gameplay, the perfect PMG game.

Instantly the world map reminded me of Super Mario World on the SNES, giving you the option to replay stages quickly. With 4 players the game is very frantic at times & with on-line the occasional lag effect was noticed.

Because the kids had already played some of the characters were already quite levelled up thus I went with the red knight starting from level 1,

Everyone else had previously played the game at some point but for me a total noob you had the option to attack with your sword, long range attack arrow attack or use your magic skill. All of which took me a while to figure out the attack types.

The red knight has lightning magic but you need to let it charge for a few seconds before attacking. You get experience points during the game to level up your character & at level 5 I have not yet decided to focus on any particular skill so currently have an all-round red knight.

You also collect coins dropped by enemies which you can use to purchase new weapons or health potions. The weapons you can only purchase if your character is at the correct level to use the weapon so I decided it was best to just purchase health potions which when selected will auto-heal your character.

An enjoyable hour session with Gus, Jaimie & RLLMUK Jaimie (Smithstock). Now that I understand the game mechanics & what each button does the next session hopefully I can kill more enemies to gain more experience points to level up.


Dead Island - Completed

Sewers, never ending sewers really killed the game for me. Then came the mundane fetch and retrieve quests for no purpose but to have some filler quests.

Then you have the crashes & bugs in the game which all of us have experienced during the past few months, some of us more than once Jaimie?

Anyhow it's done just barely enjoyable & that is mainly due to the company of The Claptrap Boys.

All that running around the island to get a final showdown with Ryder White the survivors fly off into the sunset, if a sequel gets released I won't be running out to meet them.


UGVM Disc Drivin Season 3

Perfect timing for a Disc Drivin update with new tracks and UGVM Season 3.

There are 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) of 4 players each with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

Points are awarded 4 points for 1st down to 1 point for last.

The 4 chosen tracks are Snowfall, Stay Frosty, Frosty Mug & Snowdrift.

The first player in the league will start the first track Snowfall & invite player 2, 3 & 4 in order.

Then Player 2 will start the next race on Stay Frosty & invite player 3, 4 & then 1.

Player 3 will start Frosty Mug & invite Player 4, 1 & 2 in that order.

Lastly Player 4 will start Snowdrift & invite in order Player 1, 2 & 3.

Player 1 will wait to play his turn until all 4 races have started & are awaiting his/her turn to play. This will ensure when you come to play your turn you will have all 4 races waiting for you to play.

Any questions please ask me before starting your race

Platinum League
Lufferov - 9 points (Season 2 Winner)
Jochta - 13 points
Hakk - 7 points
gospvg - 11 points (Promoted from Gold)

Snowfall (Luffers, gospvg, Jochta & Hakk)
Snowdrift (Jochta, gospvg, Luffers & Hakk)
Stay Frosty (gospvg, jochta, hakk & lufferov)
Frosty Mug (jochta, hakk, lufferov & gospvg)

Jochta is the Season 3 winner & Hakk gets relegated.

Gold League
HaggisHunter (Relegated from Platinum) (7 Points)
Xexyzx (7 Points)
becs (13 Points)
fluffmyster (Promoted from Silver) (13 Points)

Snowdrift - Fluff, Becs, Haggis & Tim
Snowfall - Becs, Haggis, Tim & Fluff
Frosty Mug - Fluff, Becs, Tim & Haggis
Stay Frosty - Fluff, Becs, Tim & Haggis

We have a playoff for the winner of the league Becs vs Fluff & a relegation battle for William vs Tim
Choose a track you want to play guys 1 vs 1 and let me know the results.
Promotion Play Off - Becs Won so she gets promoted.
Relegation Play Off - Tim won so William gets relegated

Silver League
thermalsatsuma (10 Points)
carldjcross (Relegated from Gold) (13 Points)
SomethingWitty (Promoted from Bronze) (11 Points)
HarpingOn (6 Points)

Snowdrift - Satsuma, Witty, Carl & Gazza
Frosty Mug - Carl, Gazza, Witty & Satsuma
Stay Frosty - Carl, Satsuma, Witty & Gazza
Snowfall - Witty, Carl, Satsuma & Gazza

Carl is promoted & Gazza relegated

Bronze League
actionabbas (11 Points)
monstermohsin (6 Points)
GusTavToo (13 Points)
Sessile (Relegated from Silver) (10 Points)

Good luck all & make sure you have the latest disc drivin update with the new tracks before playing.

Snowfall - Gus, Mo, Abbas & Jaimie
Frosty Mug - Abbas, Jaimie, Gus, Mo
Stay Frosty - Gus, Abbas, Jaimie, Mo
Snowdrift - Jaimie, Gus, Abbas, Mo

Gus is Promoted


Draw Something - Doctor

Yes I could have drawn a doctor in the medical sense but for me there is only one Doctor.

Also post 500 !!
Milestone & all that....


Draw Something - Longest Streak

Kevin recently failed to guess my drawing of the Avengers so the streak finished on a new high of 50 beating my previous of 37 against Abbas.

I am playing a couple of ongoing games at the moment against Becky & Luffers where we are in the high 60s

My username is gospvg if you want to send me an invite.


Grand Prix Story - KABOOM !!

KABOOM !! - I have now completed the game but I wanted to share with everyone a bug in the game where my driver Ben Jutton would not turn the corner & kept on driving straight eventually the condition of the car deteriorated & car went up in smoke, along with the driver.


Temple Run - Nearly 500K !!

This is a very frustrating game even more so because the kids have all gotten pass the 1 million mark.

Still I managed to beat my previous high score & set a new high score of 430,612

Need to save some more coins so I can upgrade the power ups & hopefully this will help me get past 500K


Draw Something - Owl

A recent drawing of Owl for Kevin to guess (which he correctly did)

Draw Something - Mario

Another drawing of Mario, this time the moustache is the correct colour :)

New Game - Assassin's Creed Revelations

Running around rooftops, killing Templars, looting chests & falling to your death. The latter has happened to me on a few occasions already so not much has changed from Brotherhood, well apart from the obvious that you are now in the city of Constantinople. Desmond is in some form of recovery mode & thus must relive Ezio’s adventures to recover the masyuf keys left by Altair.

The changes so far I have noticed from Brotherhood are you can now craft bombs used to distract, poison or kill your enemies. There is a new defend your assassins den mode which basically plays like a tower defence game. I hate this mode & if you keep your Templar awareness meter low it will not activate.

Fundamentally the gameplay has not changed much from the previous games so you are really just playing to see the culmination of Ezio’s storyline and the continuing war between the Assassins & Templars. Speaking of which back to the rooftops I go …


New Tuesday A to Z - O (games never played)

Apologies for my tardiness whilst UGVM have moved on to the latter half of the alphabet I give you my letter O

Oddworld – Abe’s Odyssey, Exodues or Strangers Wrath. I have not played any of the Oddworld games, originally released on the PS1, I have at some point had both games in my collection but thanks to my mad lust for RPGs I never got to play them & time moved on. Similarly with Strangers Wrath only being released on the Xbox (a console which passed me by) limited me the opportunity to play the game. I think I would have enjoyed Strangers Wrath because of the wild west setting but then again I still have Red Dead Redemption to play which may appear on a future Xbox 360 games never played thread.


Gears of War 3 - Beast Mode

UGVM PMG time with Jochta, Cooltag & Anders.

Beast mode is where you get to control a creature from the locust horde and have to kill the humans. Similar to horde mode but with some slight changes. The most challenging is the time limit, you start off with 1 minute & get given a few seconds extra for every kill you get. If your character dies you go back to the spawn point & have to make your way back to the action. We failed due to the time running out on quite a few occasions especially on wave 5 to 7 but then it clicked if you choose the correct creatures it makes this mode very easy we went for the centipedes & berserkers. The berserkers destroying the obstacles & the centipedes attacking the humans made us romp through the remaining waves with ease.

It’s an interesting mode which I would like to revisit again to see what other options there are to alter the gameplay.

We then moved onto the classic Horde mode and quickly went through the waves up to wave 20 & then we came a cropper. Being confronted with a boss fight and lots of foot soldiers with other creatures made this wave very difficult to complete even on normal difficulty. So after quite a few attempts we gave up, maybe with an extra player next week we might manage it?


Splurge - April 2012

Another quiet month with Street Fighter vs Tekken for Monsters birthday present & Assassins Creed Revelations for myself to play, both on the 360. Another character class purchased for Hero Academy & Trials Evolution for XBLA.

Total YTD £370.39