Fallout Shelter - Vault 101

One of the many surprises to come out from E3 was the release of Fallout Shelter. An mobile/tablet game which has you looking after your own vault managing the people, resources & challenging the wasteland. It's similar to any resource management game like tiny tower etc but it's FALLOUT !! & it's free. You can if you wish spend money to purchases lunch boxes which reward you with resources, caps, armour, weapons or new dwellers.

I currently have 35 dwellers, some equipped with armour & weapons. I decided to go for the layout below because when building an adjoining room you can merge three of the same rooms together to make a larger room which produces more & stores more of the resource. 

I have two dwellers who I have equipped with the best armour/weapon to wonder the wasteland looking for loot. It is a fine balancing act of dwellers & resources to ensure you can easily manage your vault. My next target is to build another power plant to reduce the pressure on that resource. 

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