UGVM Disc Drivin Season 5

I've sent out tweets & posted on UGVM to the players in season 4 to confirm participation.


There are 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

Points are awarded from 4 or 3 (if a 3 player league) for 1st downwards to 1 point for last.

The 4 chosen tracks are Jump Cut, Roundabout, Two Cool & Canyon Flip.

Changes from last season to make it easier to start the leagues, the first player in the league will start all the tracks & invite the other players in league order below.

Deadline for leagues to finish is 29th May (3 weeks), I will check with the league starter once a week to ensure the races are progressing, any player not playing their turn for a number of days will be given a kick & if no response will be excluded from the tournament.

Platinum League
lufferov (10)
gospvg (9)
Jochta (10)
Becs (11)

Becs wins the league & gospvg is relegated.

- Two Cool (gospvg, jochta, lufferov & becs)
- Canyon Flip (lufferov, jochta, becs & gospvg)
- Jump Cut (becs, jochta, gospvg & lufferov)
- Roundabout (becs, lufferov, gospvg & jochta)

Gold League
Carldjcross (8)
HaggisHunter (15)
Hakk (6)
Xexyzx (11)

HaggisHunter wins the league & is promoted. Hakk is relegated.

- Two Cool (haggis, hakk, xexyzx & carl)
- Canyon Flip (haggis, xexyzx, carl & hakk)
- Roundabout (xexyzx, haggis, carl & hakk)
- Jump Cut (haggis, carl, xexyzx & hakk)

Silver League
SomethingWitty (10)
thermalsatsuma (6)
GusTavToo (8)

SomethingWitty wins the group & is promoted. Thermalsatsuma is relegated.

- Two Cool (satsuma, witty & gus)
- Roundabout (witty, gus & satsuma)
- Jump Cut (witty, gus & satsuma)
- Canyon Flip (gus, witty & satsuma)

Bronze League
Sessile (7)
monstermohsin (8)
asktoby (9)

- Two Cool (monster, toby & sessile)
- Jump Cut (monster, toby & sessile)
- Roundabout (sessile, toby & monster)
- Canyon Flip (toby, sessile & monster)

asktoby wins the league & is promoted.


  1. Doesn't that mean that the first person in the league has a huge advantage as they get to go first in every game?

    1. Not really, I have played like this in the RLLMUK league. It makes it easier to start the races if the player at the top of the league starts all four. We have had mistakes in the past where players are invited out of order or certain tracks have not started by other players. It's easier to just have one player start all tracks.

  2. Let's see how this season performs & then we can discuss for season 6.