I'm not a core gamer anymore :(

Apparently a core gamer plays an average 18 hours per week & purchased 5.4 games over three months.
The digital gamer plays 16 hours per week but buys 5.9 games over a three month period.

My average on the consoles over the last few months is probably only 2 to 3 hours a week & purchases in the last few months only 3 & one of those for my son.

Mainly playing Borderlands DLC with the "UGVM Claptrap Crew" & I did complete Costume Quest. Also April to June & the next three months to Sept are probably the worst 6 months for me to game. The daylight months usually have me involved in RL activities & gaming takes a back seat. I started Splinter Cell in May & even though it is a short game I'm still playing it. Unlike Abbas who likes to run through his games I take my time & play all the side-quests but worse my OCD kicks in to ensure I collect all the collectables.

On the iPod touch I average a lot more probably 6 to 8 hours a week & 7 purchases over the last few months. Mainly these have been the "My go, Your go" games like Carcassonne, Words with Friends, Disc Drivin & Hanging with Friends. Occasionally a game will come a long like Sword & Poker or currently 1000 Heroz which I enjoy playing playing on the iPod & shows off the device's potential. To me it's the perfect portable gaming machine.

Anyhow I'm not a core gamer or a digital gamer, I'm just an old git who does not have enough time to play video games. So I'm now GOAHNTTPVG (getting old and have no time to play video games)

I wonder if that domain is available ...


Happy Birthday Sonic

Everyone must have played a Sonic game surely? If an old gamer like me it would have been the original megadrive release of Sonic the Hedgehog or if you are a younger gamer then maybe one of the mobile releases.
Happy 20th Birthday Sonic.

I tried the Sonic Generations demo which only lets you play the classic mode on Green Hill Zone. Sonic seems small compared to the backdrops & it felt at times jerky. I'll probably end up buying the game because my youngest son loves Sonic.

Carcassonne - Fields

Fields, I did not keep an eye on my fields 


UGVM vs BETEO - 3nd Round Results

3nd Round Results (total includes previous round results)

UGVM - 16 Points
BETEO - 8 Points

thermalsatsuma (385) vs Curiosity (337) - UGVM Win
Coope1999 (324) vs alanjoans (378) - BETEO Win
flis_iom (266) vs jochta (466) - UGVM Win
Gilly Mc (178) vs SozzlyJoe (196) - BETEO Win because SozzlyJoe app has crashed.
AlarmBee (377) vs Xexyz (403) - UGVM Win

HarpingOn (240) vs DBSnappa (264) - UGVM Win because DBSnappa resigned

Finally we finish Round 3 after nearly 3 months !!
In the interest of finishing the tournament I will confirm with all the players that they are still happy to take part in the tournament.

UGVM players through to the next round are themalsatsuma, jochta, HarpingOn & Xexyz
BETEO players through to the next round are AlarmBee, Gilly Mc, Curiosity & alanjoans


30 years of gaming

Today I celebrate 30 years of gaming. 1981 my father gave me a Mini Munchman which started my love for video games & computers.

30 years !!

Woah !! so many changes in the gaming industry from text based adventure games & tape loading software to the current HD generation. My portable mini munchman to the ipod touch, so much power in my pocket.

I hope I am around to enjoy the next 30 years


Tuesday A to Z - Q

Quake 3 Arena (Dreamcast)
There is only one game with Q worth mentioning to me & that is my first
online multi-player gaming experience. Modem cable plugged into the phone
line I loaded up and waited for the game to load. Selected deathmatch game
type & bang !! I've been blasted by a rocket launcher. It was a brutal test
of my gaming skill but a thoroughly enjoyable online experience but alas on
the dreamcast demise it did not persuade me to purchase an xbox instead I
went for the lure of the RPGs on the PS2.


Tuesday A to Z - P

Pac-Man (Arcade) - I spent many hours in my local arcade trying to ensure my
name was always on the high score screen.

Peggle (iOS/XBLA/PC) - Popcap Crack - enough said avoid at all costs

Pac-Land (Arcade/Atari ST) - I don't really know why I enjoyed this platform
title & the immense frustration at ensuring you timed your jumps to make sue
you did not land in the water puddles & hurdled the fire hydrants.

Paperboy (Arcade/Atari ST) - A very frustrating & challenging game. So many obstacles in your way from dogs to radio controlled cars. All I want to do is deliver a paper & smash some windows.

Pushover (Atari ST) - I forget the brand tie-in on this game but it was a nice domino puzzler.

Parappa the Rapper (PS1) - Kick! Punch! It's all in the mind. If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find that all the things, I'll teach ya is sure to beat ya, nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher now CHOP !!

Persona (PS1) - A strange quirky anime ocult horror RPG that I for some reason enjoyed


Angry Birds Live - I want to have a go

New Game - Hanging with Friends

Taking the Words with Friends approach to another game "Hangman"

Select your avatar & send your opponent a word to guess. Depending on the length of the word this will give them a number of guesses on your word.

You have a choice of 3 lifelines you can use during the game to guess a letter, remove a failed guess & remove some letters.

A failed attempt then pops a balloon above your character's head & then it's your turn to send your opponent a word. Back & forth this goes until all 5 balloons above your character or your opponent are popped.

It makes a change from the other usual multi-player games I play (Carcassonne, Words with Friends, Disc Drivin & Wordfued). My username is gospvg obviously so send me a game if you want to play


Carcassonne Tournament - Round 3 inc Results

Round 3 - 4 Players left, you will play 1 group match & 3 vs match. Top two players go through to the final. 1 Point for winning each match

Matches to be played below with the first person starting the game

1 vs 1 Matches (1 point for the win)

carldjcross (80) vs poppa_f (109) - poppa_f wins - 1 Point
lufferov (127) vs kerumba (98) - lufferov wins - 1 Point
poppa_f  (118) vs kerumba (74) - poppa_f wins - 1 Point
carldjcross (70) vs lufferov (108) - lufferov wins - 1 Point
kerumba (106) vs carldjcross (104) - kerumba wins - 1 Point
poppa_f (98) vs lufferov (84) - poppa_f wins - 1 Point

Group Match (1 point for the win)
lufferov to start the game against the other players carldjcross, kerumba & poppa_f - poppa_f wins - 1 Point

Good luck and let me know the results


Carcassonne Tournament - Round 2 inc Results

Round 2 - With 8 players left, it's knock-out time. 1 vs 1 matches with the loser going out. First player starts the match.

James vs Neil - James (113) vs Neil (84) - James into the semi-finals
ActionAbbas vs Carl - Abbas (90) vs Carl (121) - Carl into the semi-finals
gospvg vs Kerumba - gospvg (107) vs Kerumba (111) - Kerumba into the semi-finals

Chris (124) vs Poppa_F (144)  - Poppa_F into the semi-finals
Chris is doing a bike ride from Lands End to John O'Groats http://lejogbikeride.blogspot.com/

Onto the semi-finals


So very close

2 recent games played in Wordfeud & Words with Friends both finished on the last tile placements. I lost by 1 point to thermalsatsuma but managed to beat pupilar by 2 points.

Tuesday A to Z - O

Out Run (Arcade)
Surely everyone has played a version of Out Run? It is the letter O for the A to Z of basic gaming?
Red Ferrari, California roads, 80’s music, roof down & the wind blowing in your hair. Sorry you were too slow to make the next checkpoint insert 10p to continue

Operation Wolf (Atari ST)
The Trojan Phazer, it just sounds awesome. This was the light gun that transformed Operation Wolf into a full on action packed shooter…Ok I lie it didn’t but it was still cool to be able to play a lightgun shooter on the ST.

Omega Boost (PS1)
Mechs, MEchs, MEChs, MECHs, MECHS !!
Hang on have I not used that starting line before?
Anyhow this was a Mech flying shooting game, lock on your targets & fire your rockets. Very well made 3D Shoot em up by PolyPhony Digital of Gran Turismo fame.

Operative: No One lives forever (PC)
Set in the 1960’s you play Cate Archer a British spy and have to find out why your organisation UNITY operatives are being killed, it an enjoyable FPS shooter with some nice set pieces including jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute.


Metal Gear Solid HD - WTF?! I have the POWER !!

Only yesterday morning I was saying on my A to Z - M that a MGS Collection would make me go and play MGS2 & 3. Today Konami announce a MGS 2, 3 & Peace Walker are coming in a collection for the PS3 & 360. Shame they could not do a proper collection & include MGS 1?

I obviously have the power to influence the gaming industry so here goes my wish list Mech Commander 3, Front Mission 6 (Strategy Turn Based RPG), Final Fantasy 7 remake & just for Zo Shenmue 3

Cash Cow - Completed

I was ill, it was free & it was simple brainless fun.

That’s my excuse for playing yet another match em up game on the iPod Touch (Azkend & Sorcerer of Fortune)
“I need a Dollar” well actually you need quite a few to stop the bank taking the farm back. Match up the coins on screen to collect money towards your target & then spend the money decorating your farm with straw bales, daisies & a scarecrow. Like I said brainless but like most of these games you continue to play along. After every few levels a bonus puzzle level breaks the boredom & you have to  roll the coins over obstacles to a bucket to gain some extra cash. Luckily it’s a short game and introduces extra challenges into the game every few levels by having empty coins you can’t use, ladybirds sitting on coins you can’t select & piggybanks that let you cash in a handful of coins. It has some extra modes which I did not look at because I was feeling much better and went back to playing Sword & Poker instead.

If I play another match em up game please feel free to match me up with a data operator & a zombie.

Tuesday A to Z - N

N – this is a tough letter.

New Zealand Story (Atari ST)
It’s the usual platforming maze type affair of the 80’s Arcade scene lovingly recreated for me to enjoy on the Atari St with my Cruiser joystick. These nearly accurate ports of Arcade games would kill the UK Arcade scene eventually paving the way for home consoles.

Night Trap (Sega Mega CD)
There was not much of note to enjoy on the Sega Mega CD & if I am brutally honest this was crap but it did give me the chance to enjoy the 90’s FMV gaming genre which was short lived. You have to investigate why are group of girls went missing by setting traps & timing them to go off to capture your enemies. Yes I know I am really hard pushed to find any games beginning with the letter N

Nights into Dreams (Saturn)
Time to end N on a high note then with one of the shining beacons of the Sega Saturn. Enter dream world & battle Wizeman to ensure his plan for world domination are foiled. A visually gorgeous game that has you flying out collecting orbs & battling bosses.


Tuesday A to Z - M

Still playing catch up with UGVM. So many games with M, I had to edit this list to keep it short.

Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
Stealth Em Up, I have not played the NES games so this was my first foray into a Stealth Em Up. Movie style productions & cut scenes are amazing and coming from a SNES I just sat back and enjoyed watching them. Solid Snake is a likeable character in this action filled adventure with its set pieces & big boss fights. Easily one of the highlights for me on the PS1. I very rarely play sequels and thus only partially played MGS2 & have not even looked at 3 or 4. Maybe if Konami released a MGS HD Collection for the PS3 ?

Mech Commander 2 (PC)
Mechs MEchs MEChs MECHs MECHS !!
Now this is the equivalent of gaming heaven, customise your Mechs  & take them into battle. Once you have finished the main campaign thanks mainly to Wolfman there a lot of custom campaigns & maps to download. Oh! This game is crying out for a sequel, I would eat my right arm for Mech Commander 3

Miracle Warriors (Sega Master System)
I’ve dabbled with text based RPG’s on the Electron with Sphinx Adventure & Dungeon Master on the Atari St but this was my first taste of a Japanese RPG in its turn based random battles style. I obviously enjoyed the experience because I then spent the next few years playing SNES, Mega Drive & PS1/PS2 RPG’s before the love for them died with Final Fantasy XIII

Mortal Kombat (Arcade)
Finish Him !!
The GTA of the Beat Em Up’s brutal, vicious & gory. You were either in the SF2 camp or Mortal Kombat, I enjoyed them both but I was a much better SF2 player, however everyone played this only for the opportunity to pull off the finishing moves.

Mario Bros (NES)
It’s me MARIO !! (Assassins Creed 2 quotes the famous line)
Although Mario could hardly talk on his first outing on the NES but he could still advance on his quest to save the Princess from the evil clutches of Bowser. Throughout the generations he has jumped on enemies, transformed into one of many costumes & of course gone down pipes. He is a plumber after all.

Mario Kart (Various)
Nintendo soon realised they had a mascot character in Mario so it was only a matter of time that a racing game would be made. Originally on the SNES & easily one of the best games you were firing off shells to knock your opponents, dropping  a banana peel & boosting your way to race victories.

Mario Party (N64/Wii)
Nintendo wanted to bring the board game feel to consoles & you either love or hate Mario Party. The Khan household love it, it is still the only game that is played on the wii most weekends by the kids. A simple hit the dice to move & collect coins to purchase stars. Along the way take part in a multitude of mini-games to gain more coins but above all the enjoyment of beating your fellow local players.

Monster Rancher (PS1)
To this day I still do not know why I wasted many hours playing this game. You start off by creating your monster which you can do randomly by inserting a music cd. You now know the rest. You have to feed, play, train & fight your monster in battles to become the top Monster Rancher. I blame Pokemon & Animal Crossing for this genre of growing, nurturing virtual items. I now look at these games in disgust, brainless timewasters. Yes I’m looking at you Farmville & the countless We Rule clones on the iOS platform. In fairness I should not criticise Animal Crossing because I have never played it & at least Pokemon had an RPG story to follow.

Batman Arkham City - Miaow !!


Splinter Cell Conviction - Frustration !!

How many times have you wanted to throw or break a controller in frustration? Which game was it? Final Fantasy XIII? Mario? Zelda? Sonic? Is it poor game design? Or just a lack of skill by the player?

Playing on the realistic setting I knew the game would throw up some challenges but it’s been fairly plain sailing for me so far until I got to Third Echelon HQ. First you had to plant two C4 explosives on the power generators without getting detected, the enemies are not bad you can easily dispose of them but it’s the cameras you have to keep an eye on. I managed to plant both the explosives and boarded the lift to the reception area. After a short cut scene you blow these explosives and have to run down the corridor before the emergency doors shut.

I vault over the reception desk and run for the hallway, bang dead ! ? There is an enemy in an office after you jump the desk. Ok I’ll get you next time. Restart the level, watch the cut scene & I duck this time behind the reception desk & take out the enemy in the office. The alarms are sounding & doors closing fast, run for the hallway and the doors slam shut in my face. Aargh !!

Ok try again, sod the guy in the office I’m going to ignore him and run for the hallway. Watch the UNSKIPABLE cut scene again. Jump the desk run for the hallway, the guy in the office has managed to shoot me once, the screen is flashing red. I make the hallway, past the first door running for the 2nd and two more enemies appear in front of me BANG!! Dead.


After another few failed attempts and swearing at the television. Abbas says let me have a go, so I pass the controller over. He watches the cut scene, vaults over the desk, shoots the guy in the office, runs past the first door & gets into cover to take out the two enemies that appear. Not worrying that the door in front of him his closing fast once they are killed he runs and slides underneath the last door. Passes me back the controller and says “here you go”

Hmmph !!

My lack of skill? The frustration getting the better of me? Payment for all the years I helped Abbas on games? (recently an achievement on Red Dead Redemption)

The pressure of playing to a timed event or a countdown timer, that is what I hate. AC Brotherhood had it at the end & Final Fantasy 7 had it with the exploding power plant.

Anyhow the controller survived and I went on to complete the level (which includes an equally annoying avoid the laser beams section, which I completed without Abbas’s help)

Fallout Nuka Break

If you have not yet watched this fan made Fallout mini movie watch it now.