May 2024 Update - Sushi Diving

Playing NOW

Dave The Diver (PS5)

This was on my Playing Future list last month & perfect timing that it was added to PS+ this month. 

What starts off as a simple collect fish make sushi game very rapidly develops to introduce lots of story content and additional systems to manage. The enjoyable three stage day cycle loops perfectly to allow you to enjoy fishing in the morning & afternoon or tackle one of the many side quests before getting ready to manage the sushi restaurant in the evening ensuring you focus on keeping your customers happy while maximizing profits so you can upgrade either the restaurant, your gear or shop for items.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 (PS5)

Firstly to start off with some disappointing news, in that Epic has gotten rid of the XP gains with the ranked mode for Rocket Racing. You can now only gain a small amount of XP with the daily quests. Unfortunately this has stopped me playing and I'm just enjoying Zero Build. The advantage with the first season was I could enjoy Rocket Racing but also level up the battle pass in the process.

An Avatar mini pass was added to add an Aang skin & Appa Glider, this was very easy to complete even if some of the quests were reliant on you getting lucky to arrive at a temple early enough to collect the bending scroll.

Playing Complete

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS5)

There is far too much side content in the game and I took the decision in Chapter 8 to ignore it all and only enjoy the main quest. There are section of the main quest that force you to use certain characters and their abilities, some of these can be frustrating & I was glad when I got back to playing as Cloud. It culminates in a "epic finale" and now the long wait begins for the last game in the trilogy. Final Fantasy 7 Reunion.

Playing Next

My aim is to focus on games released this year first before looking at my backlog. Hopefully I will get lucky and 2024 releases will keep getting added to PS+ or GamePass like Dave the Diver this month.

Looking through my last month post, other potential 2024 releases I'm interested in playing are Rise of Ronin, Open Roads, The Plucky Squire, Banishers Ghosts of New Eden, Death Stranding 2, Metal Gear Solid Delta, Star Wars Outlaws, Balatro & Sandland. I expect some of these may well get delayed to 2025.

I have many games in my backlog but looking forward to playing Spiderman2, Judgement, Lost Judgement, Outer Wilds, Shadow Tactics, Like A Dragon Ishin & Sea of Stars.

Midnight Suns has been added to PS+ & Star Wars Jedi Survivor to GamePass. I also need to at least give Starfield an attempt to see if it clicks.

That leaves Baldurs Gate 3,Cyberpunk 2077 & Shadow Gambit Cursed Crew on my shopping list.

Enjoy your gaming & remember you are never too old to play video games.