UGVM Disc Drivin Season 3

Perfect timing for a Disc Drivin update with new tracks and UGVM Season 3.

There are 4 leagues (Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze) of 4 players each with the winning player getting promoted & the worst getting demoted to a lower league.

Points are awarded 4 points for 1st down to 1 point for last.

The 4 chosen tracks are Snowfall, Stay Frosty, Frosty Mug & Snowdrift.

The first player in the league will start the first track Snowfall & invite player 2, 3 & 4 in order.

Then Player 2 will start the next race on Stay Frosty & invite player 3, 4 & then 1.

Player 3 will start Frosty Mug & invite Player 4, 1 & 2 in that order.

Lastly Player 4 will start Snowdrift & invite in order Player 1, 2 & 3.

Player 1 will wait to play his turn until all 4 races have started & are awaiting his/her turn to play. This will ensure when you come to play your turn you will have all 4 races waiting for you to play.

Any questions please ask me before starting your race

Platinum League
Lufferov - 9 points (Season 2 Winner)
Jochta - 13 points
Hakk - 7 points
gospvg - 11 points (Promoted from Gold)

Snowfall (Luffers, gospvg, Jochta & Hakk)
Snowdrift (Jochta, gospvg, Luffers & Hakk)
Stay Frosty (gospvg, jochta, hakk & lufferov)
Frosty Mug (jochta, hakk, lufferov & gospvg)

Jochta is the Season 3 winner & Hakk gets relegated.

Gold League
HaggisHunter (Relegated from Platinum) (7 Points)
Xexyzx (7 Points)
becs (13 Points)
fluffmyster (Promoted from Silver) (13 Points)

Snowdrift - Fluff, Becs, Haggis & Tim
Snowfall - Becs, Haggis, Tim & Fluff
Frosty Mug - Fluff, Becs, Tim & Haggis
Stay Frosty - Fluff, Becs, Tim & Haggis

We have a playoff for the winner of the league Becs vs Fluff & a relegation battle for William vs Tim
Choose a track you want to play guys 1 vs 1 and let me know the results.
Promotion Play Off - Becs Won so she gets promoted.
Relegation Play Off - Tim won so William gets relegated

Silver League
thermalsatsuma (10 Points)
carldjcross (Relegated from Gold) (13 Points)
SomethingWitty (Promoted from Bronze) (11 Points)
HarpingOn (6 Points)

Snowdrift - Satsuma, Witty, Carl & Gazza
Frosty Mug - Carl, Gazza, Witty & Satsuma
Stay Frosty - Carl, Satsuma, Witty & Gazza
Snowfall - Witty, Carl, Satsuma & Gazza

Carl is promoted & Gazza relegated

Bronze League
actionabbas (11 Points)
monstermohsin (6 Points)
GusTavToo (13 Points)
Sessile (Relegated from Silver) (10 Points)

Good luck all & make sure you have the latest disc drivin update with the new tracks before playing.

Snowfall - Gus, Mo, Abbas & Jaimie
Frosty Mug - Abbas, Jaimie, Gus, Mo
Stay Frosty - Gus, Abbas, Jaimie, Mo
Snowdrift - Jaimie, Gus, Abbas, Mo

Gus is Promoted

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