New Game - Assassin's Creed Revelations

Running around rooftops, killing Templars, looting chests & falling to your death. The latter has happened to me on a few occasions already so not much has changed from Brotherhood, well apart from the obvious that you are now in the city of Constantinople. Desmond is in some form of recovery mode & thus must relive Ezio’s adventures to recover the masyuf keys left by Altair.

The changes so far I have noticed from Brotherhood are you can now craft bombs used to distract, poison or kill your enemies. There is a new defend your assassins den mode which basically plays like a tower defence game. I hate this mode & if you keep your Templar awareness meter low it will not activate.

Fundamentally the gameplay has not changed much from the previous games so you are really just playing to see the culmination of Ezio’s storyline and the continuing war between the Assassins & Templars. Speaking of which back to the rooftops I go …

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