New Game - Halo CE Anniversary

Anniversary? Where's the party? I was not invited !! Oh! you have given me the re-release of the first game with a lick of paint? Is that it?

Um yep basically that is it, Abbas wanted to play the game again because it has co-op this time around. This will now be my third time playing this game ZZZZZzzzzzz. Oh!! sorry I drifted off... like I was saying this will be my third time playing this game. I first completed it on the PC & then again a few years later on the xbox.

Third time lucky I guess, it has local co-op & playing on legendary difficulty provides a difficulty spike. The lick of paint makes the environment look nice & you can go back to the old school graphics by pressing the back button if you want but I'm a graphics whore so will stick with the new look.

We completed The Pillar of Autumn & are part way through the Halo level before life intervened to force us to switch the game off. It's been a while since I have played a local co-op game with Abbas (Splinter Cell Conviction) & his game style has not changed, charging off into the distance whilst I take my time to look at the surroundings & take out enemies with my sniper rifle.

Next week is half-term & I have a few days off, I think in the next 10 days we can finish off the remaining 8.5 levels of the game? Now that's a challenge !!

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