Skyrim Diary - Entry 16 - Lost Legends

Dear Diary,

I have this addiction with collecting books, I have looted many corpses & open chests to find treasures, jewels & rare weapons which I just sell on and keep the money but books, I will never sell any book (unless I already have the title). In books I can find out about the history of Skyrim through the ages, legends or stories they all give me some information.

Lost Legends by Talsgar the Elder tells of the death of Archmage Gauldur. The story goes he was murdered by either King Harald or one of his three sons. The kings battlemage Lord Geirmund pursued the three sons across Skyrim & one brother was said to have fallen at the ruins of Folgunthur, the others were killed soon after. The king ordered every record of Gauldur's name be struck from history. No bard will sing of the tale but even today the truth remains in some ancient ruins, for nothing is truly forgotten.

Lydia could see the glint of excitement in my eyes, Esbern & Delphine I could sense were thinking what was I doing wasting my time in old legends & that I should go to Skyhaven temple.

I then said to Lydia "Go & buy some supplies tomorrow we set off to Solitude & the ruins of Folgunthur" Delphine sighed & Esbern walked off with his head is some book

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