Lost Planet 2 - Completed

A very confusing story line, odd graphical designs (Toby swears he saw a half-naked woman), quirky gameplay mechanics, very Japanese in style I suppose but another great co-op gaming experience.

The boss fights in the game were very challenging having to figure out how to take them out with little or no information. The co-op gameplay which has you working together to control the train, use the gun turret & control your ship whilst attacking your enemies. There are some really nice touches to the gameplay it is just a shame some attention did not go into the storyline & voice acting.

The basic gist of the storyline is you play different factions who come together to save the planet by destroying an Over G monster. When I type it out like that it seems simple but in practice you do not realise what is happening until you get to near the end of the game.

The difficulty spikes in the game had us on occasions changing back to easy level to advance in the game before returning to normal. Maybe that was because we had 1 CPU character, possibly with an additional player we might have fared better. Next on the UGVM PMG schedule is Dead Island in the new year.

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