Rage - Large Mutant Card - Gotta Have 'Em All & Obsessive Compulsive

There are two achievements in the game one for collecting all 54 collector cards in one play-through "Gotta Have 'Em All" & "Obsessive Compulsive" which is 100% completion in the campaign. To do this you need to get first in all races, complete sidequests, mini-games, vehicle jumps, schematics, job board missions & obviously collecting all the cards. You can check your progress by looking at your stats screen in the game.

You should have 94/130 when leaving the town of Wellspring

ID (The developers) decided to make some of these collector cards miss-able in that if you do not collect them on your first visit to a location then TOUGH LUCK !!

I missed the Large Mutant card on my first visit to Dead City, when I went back to get the card I was locked out by a door that would not let me return to the wasteland.

After some researching I read you would visit Dead City again so I continued to play the game & when the time came to visit Dead City again the card was not there at it's location. This then left me with two options either restart the game or ignore those acheivements and continue the game.

Obsessive Compulsive is that a piss take from ID to gamers like me who take their time playing games and visit every location & complete every sidequests or maybe it is a warning to gamers like me to stop, think & take stock of what they are doing when playing games.

...pondering ..

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