Hardware Update - iPad

The big brother to the iPod Touch, having the bigger screen does help especially on apps where I do a lot of reading like Twitter, TapaTalk & Newstap. Also very useful for playing iPad designed games like Carcassonne & Words with Friends HD.

The battery life is very impressive easily approaching 9 or 10 hours. I'm going to be more selective though on what apps I buy for the iPad, splashing out 69p on every app that goes on sale is not the way for me now. If I like it then i'll get it regardless of the price, of course if it's free then i'll get it. I've got 64GB to fill up on this baby.

I'm keeping it away from the kids for now & they can only use under my supervision but they all enjoy playing their favourite games on the bigger screen & yes Angry Birds was one of the first games they tried.

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