Tuesday A to Z - R

Yes I know, where have I been with my A to Z. UGVM are already up to letter V & I'm stuck on the letter R yet, I'm playing catch-up give me a chance.

Repton (Acorn Electron)
You are a Lizard, strange choice of character but I’m sure if had some meaning to the designer. This was a boulder-dash type affair which had you running around avoiding blocks & monsters to collect diamonds. I have managed to find a flash version of the game http://www.repton3.co.uk/repton1.aspx & apparently it has been released for iOS platform at a bargain price of £2.99 (Yes I’ll pass)

Rick Dangerous (Atari ST)
Just like famous scene from the Indiana Jones movie, you start with a boulder rolling behind you RUN !!!
Too late you’ve been SPLAT!!, try again quick RUN !!!

Fall, oh no a tribe warrior, phew that rolling boulder got him.
It is a game of trial & error but more importantly patience.
I’m loving my flash games so have another http://rickdangerousflash.free.fr/

R-Type (Arcade)
This is the classic Arcade Shoot Em Up for me, a futuristic space craft & blasting aliens into dust.
It was also very difficult to this day I have not yet completed this game, usually getting destroyed by some small aliens craft fire that I forget to dodge.

I have not played the R Type Final game on the PS2 (Hopefully it is not the last game in the series) but R Type Delta on the PS1 was an amazing experience with lovely graphics & music but equally tough in places especially the boss fights. After a few attempts on the later levels I did finally manage to complete this game with the help of some printed information.

Road Rash (Sega Megadrive)
Come on EA it’s been 10 years since the last Road Rash game.
It is a simple motorbike racing game but you get to punch, kick destroy your opponent during the race.

Criterion probably got the idea from Burnout & Takedown’s from this game.   

Resident Evil (PS1)

Sorry that should be Resident EEEeeeeevil Mwahhahhh.
Yes the character movement is horrible turn and move but the camera angles, action sequences and the dialogue the bad but oh so funny dialogue
“Here Jill, take this lock pick, it might come in handy for you... the master of unlocking.”

I have only ever played the first resident evil game, none of the sequels came anywhere near my consoles. I have however watch all the Resident Evil movies which I actually find quite enjoyable certainly one of the better games to movies crossover.

Ok what's next oh yes S

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