Disc Drivin - Coming from behind to WIN !!

Disc Drivin is such a fun simple game that I demand you go out and buy it now before reading the rest of this entry.

There is a free version with adverts or just go for the paid version, you can play against the computer & local play but on-line multi player is where you will get the most enjoyment.

A recent update had some new tracks and one of them Zoom Zoom had Jochta, Luffers, Abbas & Moi in close competition but neither of them managed to get round the final corner to the chequered line.

A carefully placed flick from me, bounced off the corner missing them all & boosting across the finish line to win.

I wish you could save the video replays on this game. Anyhow like I said at the start of my post go get the game, try the free version if you must. Get some practice in now ready for the Disc Drivin Tournament - COMING SOON

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