Borderlands - Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Since the beginning of the year I have been playing through the DLC content with fellow UGVMers (Cooltag, Sessile & Gus)

We first completed The Zombie island of Dr. Ned which was very short, next we went onto the Secret Armory of General Knoxx. You have a lot of driving to do in this DLC because there are no tele-portation stations which is very annoying so you have to remember where locations are. There are a few fun sections to the DLC inc a loop the loop & some nice jumps for you to do in your car. There is also a cheevo for which you need 8 Million credits so get saving.

Getting to General Knoxx was not difficult with our crew of 4 because we had Cooltag with his Siren "I'm on fire, I will cook you" ability & Gus was our "come here let me shoot you, I'm the doctor" skill. Sessile & I would just go in guns blazing & then scream that we needed reviving.

When you reach Knoxx you have a boss fight with him in his giant mech, this was not too difficult but you need to keep any eye out for the other enemies spawning around Knoxx especially the doctor enemies who can heal Knoxx. Once Knoxx was destroyed we took out the remaining enemies & advanced onto his secret armory. Athena then asks you to set explosives to destroy the armory but she gives you a few minutes to go and ransack the place.

A few minutes !! What !! I done all this work to get here & all you give me is a few minutes !! I want to take my time to look around all the chests and loot only the rare weapons I can use.

But no you give me a few minutes !!

So what followed was a mad dash to loot as much as possible & get out of the building before it goes "KABOOM!"

Back at T-Bone Junction, time to breathe & look through my loot. All rubbish apart from a (1325) slow health recharging shield. My credits were also maxed out at 9999999 so I could not even sell the crap. I then passed my loot onto the guys to sell.

We have a few things to finish off in Knoxx before we goto the next DLC which is either Mad Moxxi or Claptrap Robot Revolution.

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