New Game - Wolfenstein New Order

Having broken free from Destiny I fired up Wolfenstein New Order. It starts off with a very long prologue at the end of which you have to make a choice. This choice determines the path your story will take & what skills unlock.

There are quite a few collectibles in the game, if you manage to find the area map early on it makes collecting these easy but on a few chapters I did not find the area map thus I have left quite a few of these collectibles behind. Thanks to the RAGE - gotta collect them all incident I have ignored these to focus on just enjoying the game.

Especially with my stealth style of play, the knife & silenced pistol are my favourite weapons. I have enjoyed completing missions without alerting a single enemy. I've yet to find a sniper rifle which would have made a couple of the levels easier. Occasionally I have failed in my stealth approach, I then resort to dual-wielding assault rifles or using the shotgun up close.

The story gives you an alternate-history with the Nazi's winning WW2, you meet up with a small resistance group & plan an attack on a research facility in London. This is where I am at the moment in the main campaign.

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