Destiny - I'm Free

After 180 hours I'm free I don't know how but I loaded up Destiny to play this evening with my Warlock character & I just did not feel like it. Instead I started Wolfenstein New Order & played that for a few hours.

I'll be back I'm sure at some point but for now I'm just glad I've broken free. It's been a great experience the past two months, this is easily my game of the year.

I think part of the reason is I was not enjoying playing the warlock character, I just could not get on with the supers on both classes. The thought of grinding for vanguard marks & legendary armour for a character that I would not use was just too much.

I'll stick with just playing my Titan to do weekly nightfall/heroic strikes & hopefully raid attempts.
Won't bother with any daily missions (all my main three weapons are now fully upgraded) or bounties.

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