Dust - Darkness

The game is split into chapters, Destiny was the first chapter which concluded with me fighting Fuse. Ginger left Aurora to go the northern mountains in search of General Gaius but an explosion unleashed monsters on the village.

The explosion also opened up access to the Cirromon Caverns & the village of Mudpot below Aurora. In the caverns I found a new ability to crouch slide (just like metroid, you slowly get the skills to revisit areas & progress further) which is perfect for getting through tight spaces.

The flow of water has stopped to the village of Mudpot & I venture further deep into the caverns to find "The Lady" who is the next boss fight. She was overcome by Darkness & is now cured by getting her ass kicked by Dust.

With my new skill acquired, some armour upgrades & a ton of sidequests completed  I can now venture to the Northern mountains & here starts Chapter 3 Love.

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