Dust - Sorrowing Meadows

The start of chapter 3 takes you to the Sorrowing Meadows where the path to the mountains is blocked. You have to visit four mansions to collect artifacts. The game glitched out on me when visiting the first mansion (left on the map) because upon reaching the treasure room there was no artifact to collect after trying this mansion a few times I watched a youtube video which showed the mansion filled with rock walls & obstacles. So I restarted the console & this time the mansion was filled with obstacles & rock walls. The demon chased me all the way to the treasure room & the artifact was shimmering to be collected, I also picked up a new climb ability which no lets me grab onto vines. At this point fearing a corrupted save I promptly created five new save files.

The sorrowing meadows introduces a few new enemies, most notably zombies but the Necromancers are tough because they can only be attacked by using Fidget's abilities. I completed a second mansion & then exited the map to revisit some of the earlier locations like the Glade & Abadis Forest to reach areas with my new climb ability.

That was all I had time for this weekend, I will continue to revisit the earlier locations like the Caverns & Hidden Cove to see if I can complete those areas before returning to The Sorrowing Meadows to visit the remaining two mansions.

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