Mass Effect - Sidequests

After neglecting the main quests in favour of the Sidequests I have finally had enough of visiting planets to rinse & repeat the same pattern again. Start quest, find planet, land with mako, drive around collect minerals & artifacts, attack compound. Kill Geth, recover item or save someone.

The Sidequests now all just feel the same so I'm now ignoring them & focusing on the main quest. I have completed Noveria & Feros quest line each ending with a boss fight that makes a change & throws up a new challenge.

I've also noticed that levelling up now only awards the other squad members one skill point instead of two?
But Shepherd still receives two points even at my current level of 32.

I'm learning to now pause the game by holding R2 to select a skill usually this is either overkill or assassination. Overkill allows you to continue firing your weapon with no overheating & assassination steadies your aim when using the sniper rifle.

I have landed on the planet Virmire, wow it looks beautiful straight out of a Far Cry game, will hopefully spend some time with the game over the weekend (if I do not get distracted by Rayman Origins) to crack on & complete the main quest.

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