Mass Effect - Completed

Decisions ! decisions ! Just like my current car dilemma, Mass Effect offers you many choices through-out the game and some of these are very tough to decide. Ashley or Alenko which one do you save? Save the Citadel Council or destroy the Sovereign? I decided to save Ashley because she was part of my main Squad with Garrus & I chose to destroy the sovereign so the council members died. Apparently if you carry your character over the choices you make are reflected in the next game or so I think?

I will wait a while before starting the second game to clear up a few unfinished titles, also I’m going to start playing Rayman Origins with the kids. I have a stack full of games on PS+ (PS3 & Vita) which I have not touched, yet I still went out & purchased Rayman Legends, Batman Arkhan Origins (Pre-Order) & my PS4 pre-order is still valid. So lots to keep me busy this year & next.

Cutting back on watching television shows has given me more time to enjoy gaming finishing Mass Effect in 13 days is friggin fast for me, in the past I would take months to complete a game. Slowly but surely clearing my backlog of games I’ll start with Gears of War Judgement, Thomas was Alone & Fallout New Vegas Old World Blues DLC this week before moving onto Spec Ops The Line.

Mass Effect 2 can wait until after Spec Ops, hopefully the side quests are more enjoyable, inventory management easier & the lifts are faster !!

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