Spec Ops The Line - Completed

So the plan was to complete Gears of War Judgement, Thomas was Alone & start Rayman Origins.

Nothing ever goes to plan much like Delta Force's mission to search for survivors in sand destroyed Dubai. Along the way you will be forced to make some tough decisions in the heat of combat. Do you kill you own soldiers? Do you attack civilians?

Spec Ops gives you a harrowing, traumatic & graphical experience of modern combat. More importantly the consequences of your actions are played out for you to see.

It's a very short game that I completed in about six hours, it offers various levels from sniper targeting, tanker shooting & of course sandstorm levels.

Another game from my PS+ subscription following on from Uncharted 3. I tried Infamous but after an hour gameplay I just was not enjoying it so deleted both games (I had Infamous 2 also). Next I think I'll go back to my original plan & finish off Gears of War Judgement.

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