Dead Space - Scream !!

Yes I'm finally playing it & yes I'm playing it on Easy difficulty. Playing on Easy offers me two advantages, firstly an almost unlimited supply of ammo & med kits. More importantly than that is it lessens the fear factor by 1% & in this game that is very very vital.

Toby suggested I turn the volume off & listen to the Benny Hill tune on repeat, this was my fallback plan in case I needed it.

I love that there is no onscreen HUD, your health is displayed on your body armour in the form of a vertical spine along with a half moon meter for your statis meter. 

Statis is a skill you get early in the game & it let's you slow down time for a brief moment. You can use this to control fast closing doors or slow down running aliens. Kinesis is your other ability & let's you control objects. I've only used this so far to move bookcases revealing hidden loot or moving batteries to operate electrical equipment like elevators.

You start off the game with a simple plasma cutter which lets you slice the aliens limb by limb. The game is gruesome in its display of the violence you can for example take out the legs of an alien & then preform a foot stamp to finish them off.

Later on in the game you will be able to purchase more weapons from a store by collecting the credits you find lying around the USG Ishimura. You can also sell your loot & purchase more ammo if needed. There is a nice animation sequence at the store when you purchase an upgrade to your body armour.

You will also find Power Nodes among the loot & these can either be used to unlock locked doors or via the workbench you can upgrade an attribute of your chosen weapon or body armour.

You are Isaac Clarke a mining engineer part of a group sent to investigate a distress signal. Upon arrival you are attacked by a group of aliens who take out all the soldiers leaving you with Commander Zach & Computer Scientist Kendra. They give you various objectives to complete from activating the tram system to retrieving the mining ship captains RIG code.

Each quest is split out into chapters and you return to the tram system upon completion to advance to the next, currently I have competed two chapters. I have however jumped in my seat about five times & taken a deep breath before advancing on many occasions. It's a scary game but I love a good sci-fi story & so far Dead Space has not disappointed.

Remember in space no-one can hear you ......

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