Dead Space - Asteroid

When you start the Into the Void chapter, your mission if you decide to accept it is to launch giant asteroid into space with a beacon attached.
Piece of cake, I destroyed the Leviathan earlier with no problems how difficult can this be?

Ok, so I need to destroy some gravity towers that are currently anchoring the asteroid?
Easily destroyed two which I could see? Where are the other two?

Looking at the control display, I can see the two I have destroyed & the other two seemed to be anchored on the other side of the ship?
What outside the ship?

Ok gravity jump time then… into space & death !!

What? No they can't be outside there is no way to get outside?
There must be a door around here somewhere leading to another section?

Half an hour walking around the facility & nope I can see no other door or opening?
It must be outside then? But how do I get outside?

Asteroid? Can I jump on the Asteroid?
Nope, spinning arms have just sliced me up into pieces.

Ok I'm stumped.
Back in the SNES days at this point I would usually phone a friend who has completed the game or purchase a magazine that has a walkthrough.
Thanks to the internet & a quick Google search I found the solution.

Gravity jump to the asteroid on the spinning arm junction point & run round to the other side of the asteroid before the arms return.
I'm in space baby !!

Turn around and surprise surprise the other two gravity towers are on the outside of the ship. Bang! Bang! You're dead !!
Plant the beacon & then time your jump back inside.
Make your way back up to the control tower to launch the giant rock.

Mission completed

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