Sonic Drift King

I've not played the career mode & jumped straight onto online multiplayer with GusTavToo. Actually before the PMG with Gus I had a few races with the first three finishing on a DNF.

You need to know how to drift in this game hold down that LT & control your vehicle for longer drifts & then let go to boost !!

It's not just all about being able to drift, more important than that you need to learn the maps. Because once you do then you will know when to drift & where the jumps are to perform tricks.

I managed to a streak of two 4th place finishes followed by a dizzy 2nd place taking my ELO up to 1195 before falling flat on my face with a 7th & a DNF on a new track.

Not bad for a first play but I have a long way to go before I can become the drift king.

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