gospvg - getting old & still playing video games

The first part is still correct, I'm getting older but the second part not so much.

Be it because of family, new job, age or just boredom. I am not enjoying playing video games on console or mobile.

The fact I turned off playing ni no kuni to continue watching a few more episodes of a TV box set. Just shows what I am enjoying more for entertainment & it's not gaming.

I'll keep the tag for now but it needs to be amended to getting old & stopped playing video games.


  1. This happened to me about a year ago. Minecraft postponed the inevitable. I thought having grown up with video games I'd play them forever and that older people just weren't interested because they didn't understand them. But it turns out, life and your interests change as the years roll by.

    I just hope the friends I've made (including you) don't drift out of contact as a result. I'd still love another ugvm meet-up!

  2. Not to fear I will still be gaming everything in small doses