The return of the Skyrim Diary - Entry 22 - Throat of the World

Please note this post is littered with spoilers.

The Diary returns from the dead but in a slightly different style rather than from the perspective of my in game character Valdarr it will be from my perspective the gamer.

I've not played Skyrim since April & thanks to a colleague at work who is always playing Skyrim I decided that hence forth I will devote my Friday gaming time to Skyrim.

It took me a while to remember the controls, after a quick look down my current quest list I decided it was time to ditch Esbern & Delphine & finally take them to Sky Haven Temple. Upon arrival at the temple Esbern takes you to Alduin's Wall & gives you a quick history lesson. I am really impressed with the writing in the game for the dialogue & lore.

After the history lesson you are told that you need to learn a shout that will help you defeat Alduin but they do not know it so you pay a quick visit to High Hrothgar & speak to the greybeards.

Delphine also now wants to set this temple up for the Blades new home & asks you to go and recruit suitable people (I've not recruited anyone yet)

The greybeards are annoyed that you are helping the blades but eventually agree to let you go and speak to Paarthurnax (the leader of the greybeards).

I would strongly suggest waiting till nightfall before you make your trek up the mountain pass because the skyline is simply amazing. Alas the xbox 360 does not have a screenshot option like steam & my attempts at trying to make a video via the iPhone came out poor.

Once you reach the top of the mountain you are greeted by Paarthurnax who is actually a dragon, another history lesson later & you learn about a time wound that you can can access via an "Elder Scroll" & return back to when the shout was first used to learn it. So basically this is Back to the Future but you need to find an energy source before you can go back to the past. Any excuse to use a BTTF reference but the writing and the dragon encounter with the skyline is an amazing experience & I just wished I had a larger TV screen (32") & full sound system to experience it again.

Paarthurnax does not know where an Elder Scroll can be found so time for you to pay a visit to the librarian in the College of Winterhold who informs you that you need to go north and try and track down a scholar who knows more about the Elder Scroll. I had a funny moment when exiting the college I encountered an ancient dragon & whilst fighting him Jzargo ran off saying "He was not going to die fighting a dragon" After taking care of the dragon he returned & I gave him a bitch slap with my sword.

You now get to wonder across an arctic ice-field to find Septimus Signus who is standing next to some Dwemor cube, he then asks you to help him use this cube by charging a lexicon from some Dwemor ruins which typically is far away from where you are standing, in return for hopefully an Elder Scroll? I don't know because I got to the ruins & it was time to open my fast so that was my first Skyrim Friday day over.

Thank you to LPFigwort for constantly talking about the game at work which finally made me get back to playing it.

More exciting adventures in Skyrim next week.

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