New Game - Terraria

Mine Craft (is i two words or one, I could google and find out but hey ho), "You must get it". "It's the best game ever" & so- on ...

It probably is & I know one individual who certainly lives, eats & dreams Mine Craft. Not mentioning any names Luffers :)

Anyhow the recent steam sale (my first I may add) had me of course spending some money & one of the games purchased for a tiny sum of £1.49 was Terraria.

It's a block mining game similar to Mine Craft but in 2D & I blame wikipedia for making me buy it. The first line "Terraria is noted for its similarity to Minecraft and classic exploration-adventure titles such as Metroid."

Metroid !! ... click, buy & install.

You start off with basic tools allowing you to mine, attack & chop. The first task is to build yourself a house, you need this because at night & yes you guessed it ZOMBIES !!

Once you have survived the first night you can then set off on your mining adventure hoping to find rare metals to then return home & craft into a sword, pickaxe or armour.

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