New Game - Uncharted 2

I really wanted to go back and play Skyrim but was worried about not over-playing it again to get bored. So I turned to Guild Wars instead but we were having server login issues.

What to play?
Abbas said Uncharted 2?

Ok, why not the first game had some frustrating moments but was enjoyable.

The game starts with you having to survive a train wreck falling off a cliff. You are given flashbacks to the back story, this time it is all about Marco Polo & his failed return from China in 1292.

An old associate Flynn & old girlfriend Frazer offer you a ob of stealing an old oil lamp from an Istanbul museum. Obviously once you retrieve the lamp you are betrayed by Flynn & imprisoned. This is when Sully arrives to get you out of jail and you are off to Borneo to track down Flynn & his boss.

That's enough of the plot details, the gameplay & production values are the same top drawer quality but & more importantly no frustrating sections yet. There have been a few button press sequences but I have now come to expect that to be the norm in this series.

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