Uncharted - Button Presses, Gunfights & Getting Lost

There are some frustrating game play elements so far, firstly let's start off with the button press sequences. Why? I hate button press sequences I want to control the character & press the normal jump, dodge or attack buttons, I don't what a scripted sequence where I have to press X, O, X.

Secondly we come to the gunfight sections that only trigger when you are at a certain area. I had an annoying section where the enemies would only trigger when I was on the last step on a set of stairs. Why were the enemies not seen when I was at the top of the stairs? Where I could take cover & kill some of them before moving down the stairs

Lastly getting lost at certain locations & knowing which way to go, these usually come after the gunfight sequences. You then find yourself wondering around jumping & trying to grab ledges or jump onto platforms only to fail & fall to your death. Why? Because not all ledges & platforms in the game can be interacted with !! There is only one set path & after trial and error you will eventually find Drake jumping a larger gap than you thought possible where previously you would have died trying to jump a smaller gap.

The game was released in 2007 but why should that be an excuse for some obvious failings I can see in the game play? Much older games have not had these issues (Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider & of course also released in 2007 Assassin Creed)

Putting my frustrations to one side I am still enjoying the voice acting & storyline. Adventure awaits (albeit slightly frustrating)

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