Skyrim Diary - Entry 20 - Mikrul Gauldurson

Dear Diary,

After resting I grabbed the dragon claw out of my bag & rotated the puzzle door to match which unlocked the door to a small room with some loot & a door to the crypt.

I turned to look at everyone and said "Lets go say hello to Mikrul"

His coffin exploded & out stepped Mikrul wielding a large sword, Esbern summoned an atronach & Lydia charged in with her sword.

I shouted "Wait !!" but it was too late Mikrul had attacked Lydia & she lay on the floor. Delphine then shouted "Valdarr, behind you !!" I looked around and some draugr were running up to attack, I ducked & attacked back with my sword. Esbern was now shooting off fireballs at Mikrul & I ran over to Lydia & gave her a healing potion. She looked up and said "Thanks"

Esbern had the attention of Mikrul, so I pulled Lydia up & said "Come On !" There were now more draugr coming up the stairs to the crypt, I shouted "Fus Ro DAH !!" & they all fell backwards, with my Red Bane sword I charged in to kill them all.

Delphine, Lydia & Esbern were all now attacking Mikrul, I ran over & said "Need a hand?" "YES!!" shouted Esbern. I applied a soul gem to recharge the Red Bane sword & started to attack Mikrul from behind, he turned around to attack me, I defended with my shield & swiped with my sword, he fell down & Lydia came charging in "Aaargh !!" to deal the final blow.

I searched his body to find a Gauldur fragment, Blackblade & a Writ of Sealing. A locked gate (opened by the dragon claw) led upstairs to a wall of power where I learnt a new shout frost, frost breath. Then we followed the path out which led back into the dragur burial area & outside.

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