Completed - Enslaved

First completed post of 2012, after playing nearly 60 hours of Skyrim, I needed a break (thus the lack of updates on the skyrim diary) so went back to playing Enslaved.The later chapters introduce you to another character Pigsy who you can't control but plays a vital role in helping you take over a big walking mech on your way to the final chapter at the Pyramid. It would have been nice if the player was given an option on how to end the game but it's decided for you by Trips actions.

Overall it is an enjoyable game & one unfortunately that did not sell enough to warrant a sequel being made. The excellent voice acting & great visuals are accompanied by a lovely musical score. It can easily be purchased for less than a tenner & one game I recommend you play.

I need to return to Skyrim but I also plan on playing some of my XBLA game purchased last year.

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