New Tuesday A to Z - G (games never played)

Grand Theft Auto (Various) None, nope not a single game a brief play at GTA2 I think for a few mins but that was it. Possibly the one game that defined sandbox gaming but I have never played it.

Gunstar Heroes (Megadrive) Another game by Treasure I have never played, some sort of cowboy riding shoot em up, I think?

Guitar Hero (Various) The music genre is just not for me, my brief stint of Rock Band at the previous ugvm meet confirmed that.

Gods (Atari ST) "A city lost in legend. An unconquered warrior seeking reward. A challenge laid down by the Gods. Taking the role of Hercules in the ultimate arcade adventure, you must scour the depths of an ancient city in your search for the great prize of immortality. Featuring 15 different weapon systems, 20 different potions and power-ups, and a host of intelligent monsters. Have you got what it 
takes to be a GOD?"

Um.. NO !!

Grim Fandango (PC) Another odd adventure game from LucasArts

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