Skyrim Diary - Entry 2 - The Companions

Dear Diary

Dragons, if it was not for a dragon I would not be writing this entry but my head would have been chopped off in Helgen.

After killing my first dragon outside Whiterun I have seen quite a few roaming the sky's. They are very majestic & beautiful the way they fly around commanding the sky.

I went to visit the guardian stones near Riverwood & saw a dragon flying above I don't know why but I ran? Is it because I was scared? No I don't think so? maybe a little but after killing the first dragon which was more of an impulse kill, I did not want to kill another dragon because I could. I want to find out more about them & why they are in skyrim? Maybe I should go visit the greybeards?

In Whiterun there is a guild of warriors calling themseleves the Companions, all of them are quite big-headed & I would not mind knocking some of them down a peg or two so decided to join. I had to do a couple of courier quests for them by dropping off a sword to be sharpen & delivering a shield.

They have now given me a quest to go and clear a cave of vampires - vampires !! blood sucking vampires !!

Wish me luck !!

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