Skyrim Diary - Entry 3 - Vampires

Dear Diary

Clearing the cave of vampires was difficult, very difficult. I had to retreat because trying to fight them with my sword & shield was not killing them fast enough without me & Lydia getting overwhelmed.

I went back to Whiterun & researched the books I had collected and speaking to the town-folk found out that vampires are weak to fire. Thus I needed to do some training in destruction magic to improve my skill with using flame magic. I also learnt a fire rune spell which lets me cast magic on the ground & when an enemy walks on that ground they suffer from fire damage.

With my new found knowledge I decided to return back to the cave to take on the vampires again, entering the cave there is a long path on which I decided to place a fire rune & then my plan was to lure the vampires onto the rune. In theory it would have worked if it was not for Lydia, she has this habit of charging in to take on any enemy that catches her sight.

I backed out of the cave, told Lydia to wait outside & went in on my own. I placed the fire rune spell at the end of the path & lured the vampires onto the rune & this caused the rune to ignite with flames causing quite a lot of damage to the three vampires that were following me. I then equipped my shield & flame magic to finish them off. Job done or so I thought?

I went back out of the cave to ask Lydia to accompany me, just in case if there was any good loot that needed collecting. She seemed quite annoyed that I had left her outside, I explained why & she just shrugged. The path led to an open area filled with crypts & urns, I put my conscience to one side & looted all the urns & crypts because they were filled with gold & jewels.

A set of stairs led to another level where I was met by a Master Vampire who was casting frost and life drain spells against us. I did not have any time to think about casting any fire magic or using my fire rune because in a few short seconds he had stripped Lydia & I of half our health, I just turned around and ran for the exit of the cave.

Outside the cave I healed Lydia & myself before returning back home to Whiterun.

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