New Tuesday A to Z - B (games never played)

Bioshock - I started playing this on the PC & a few days later I purchased the 360 console & the rest is history. I never went back to my PC to game again. It was one of my first purchases for the 360 console but I have yet to play it, I also have the sequel sat on the shelf & with Bioshock Infinite next year maybe 2012 could be the year that I play the trilogy

Broken Sword - Point & Click adventures is one genre that I have never been interested in, they just seem so boring. Imagine my disappointment at the Telltale Back to the Future games :(

Beyond Good & Evil - Purchased for the PS2 (Never Played), Purchased for the gamecube (Never Played) & recently purchased for XBLA - Only time will tell if I finally get round to playing it?

Black & White - Did it get a console release? God like sim game I think? not sure never interested me enough to play on the PC.

Brain Training - Came & went with so many DS purchases but I never felt the need to train my brain, it's BIG enough already :)

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