Carcassonne - Expansions The River with Inns & Cathedrals

Finally expansions have arrived on the Carcassonne app in the form of in-app purchases. You get for 69p The River Expansion which adds 12 new tiles which you must play at the start of the game. I think the idea behind this is to divide the board up into different playing fields.

For £1.49 you get Inns & Cathedrals which add 18 new tiles you can use during gameplay, Inns double the points you get for Roads they are next to & Cathedrals when placed inside cities give you bonus points for each tile in the city.

Also you can now decide when starting a game to either include the expansions but also you now have two modes which I call Kid mode & Hardcore mode. Kid mode allows you to turn off placing meeple's on fields & Hardcore mode hides the remaining tiles in play.

It is great to have some expansion packs to what is easily in my opinion the best game on the appstore.

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