'Custom' Disc Drivin Tournament - Round 2 inc Results

Round 2 then 12 players will be split into 4 leagues with the winners going through to the final round.

You will all play 3 matches & score 2 points for finishing first & 1 point for 2nd. The player with the most points after the 3 races goes through to the 2nd round.

You will each take it in turn to start a race.

Race 1
Player A in the league starting the first race on Under a Big W & inviting Player B & then C in order.

Race 2
Player B will start a race on Bumper Beware & send an invite to Player C & A in that order.

Race 3
Player C will start a race on Desert Dash & send an invite to Player A & then B in that order.

Player A in the group will have the responsibility to ensure that races have started in the correct order & must also inform me via email or twitter of the result.

Player A will also wait till all 3 races at the start are on him to play his turn so he can then perform his move on all 3 tracks in one sitting. This will ensure the races are completed quickly because when-ever player B or C play their turns they can do so on all 3 races.

League 1

Indy through to the next round

League 2

arn through to the next round (results unknown)

League 3
mcevoy 6
GusTavToo 1
Fluffmyster 2

mcevoy through to the next round

League 4

Selector through to the next round

Good luck & let me know the results

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