'Custom' Disc Drivin Tournament - Round 1 - Completed

Ok Round 1 will consist of 11 leagues with 3 players in each league.
You will all play 3 matches & score 2 points for finishing first & 1 point for 2nd. The player with the most points after the 3 races goes through to the 2nd round.

You will each take it in turn to start a race.

Race 1
Player A in the league starting the first race on Bump in the Road & inviting Player B & then C in order.

Race 2
Player B will start a race on Hangtime & send an invite to Player C & A in that order.

Race 3
Player C will start a race on Flip Out & send an invite to Player A & then B in that order.

Player A in the group will have the responsibility to ensure that races have started in the correct order & must also inform me via email or twitter of the result.

Player A will also wait till all 3 races at the start are on him to play his turn so he can then perform his move on all 3 tracks in one sitting. This will ensure the races are completed quickly because when-ever player B or C play their turns they can do so on all 3 races.

If anybody has any questions on the above contact me.

League 1
SomethingWitty (5 Points)
cts125 (4 Point)

Flip Out - SomethingWitty, cts125 & monstermo
Hangtime -  SomethingWitty, cts125 & monstermo
Bump in the Road - cts125, somethingwitty & monstermo

SomethingWitty make it through to the next round

League 2
Zomoniac (3 Points)
dls911 (3 Points)
Mike552 (3 Points)

Flip Out: 1 dls911, 2 mike552, 3 Zomoniac
Bump In The Road: 1 Zo, 2 dls, 3 mike
Hangtime: 1 mike, 2 Zo, 3 dls.

Tie-Break Match on Desert Dash with the following starting order dls911, Zomoniac & Mike552
Result - dls911, mike552 & Zomoniac

dls911 win the tie-breaker & goes through to the next round

League 3
LALeaf (3 Point)
KiwiAcer (1 Point)
kevlar (5 Points)

1st race - LALeaf, kevlar, KiwiAcer
2nd race - kevlar, KiwiAcer, LALeaf
3rd race - kevlar, LALeaf, KiwiAcer 
kevlar goes through to the next round

League 4
becs (3 Points)
thermalsatsuma (2 Points)
GusTavToo (4 Points)

1st Race - Gustavtoo, thermalsatsuma & becs
2nd Race - Gustavtoo, becs & thermalsatsuma
3rd Race - Becs, thermalsatsuma & gustavtoo

GusTavToo is through to the next round

League 5
Jamma (5 Points)
lufferov (4 Points)

1st Race - Jamma, Lufferov & Carl
2nd Race - Lufferov, Jamma & Carl
3rd Race - Jamma, Lufferov & Carl

Jamma makes it through to the next round

League 6
Zinger223 (6 Points)
smes3817 (2 Points)
dizzyjw (1 Point)

Bump in the Road: 1st - Zinger223 (2), 2nd - dizzyjw (1), 3rd - smes3817
Hangtime: - 1st - Zinger223 (2), 2nd - smes3817 (1), 3rd - dizzyjw
Flipout: - 1st - Zinger223 (2), 2nd - smes3817 (1), 3rd - dizzyjw

Zinger223 through to the next round, winning all the races

League 7
gospvg (4 Points)
Fluffmyster (5 Points)

Flip Out (Stupid, Stupid Course) Fluffmyster, gospvg & benkort
Bump in the Road - Fluffmyster, gospvg & benkort
Hangtime - gospvg, fluffmyster & benkort

Fluffmyster is into the next round

League 8
HaggisHunter (1 Point)
Orrah (3 Points)
selector (5 Points)

Flip Out - Selector, Orrah, HaggisHunter
Bump in The Road - Orrah, Selector, HaggisHunter
Hangtime - Selector, HaggisHunter & Orrah

Selector is through to the next round

League 9
mcevoy (5 points)
trooperlooper2 (2 points)
MightyMiniMan (2 points)

Flip Out - trooperlooper2, mcevoy, mightyminiman
Bump in the Road - mcevoy,  mightyminiman & trooperlooper2
Hangtime - mcevoy,  mightyminiman & trooperlooper2

mcevoy through to the next round

League 10
freak (2 points)
arn ( a r n ) (5 point)
jochta (2 points)

1st race - jochta, arn & freak
2nd race - arn, freak & jochta
3rd race arn, freak & jochta

arn goes through to the next round

League 11
Indy (5 Points)
actionabbas(3 Points)
Sessile (1 Point)

Flip Out - Indy, Sessile & actionabbas
Bump in the Road - Indy, actionabbas & Sessile
Hangtime - actionabbas, Indy & Sessile

Indy wins and is through to the next round

Ok that is round 1 over, 11 players through to the next round one more player to pick at random from the losing players, 2nd round draw coming soon ...


  1. All three of our games in league 3 are over:

    1st race:
    1. LALeaf
    2. kevlar
    3. KiwiAcer

    2nd race:
    1. kevlar
    2. KiwiAcer
    3. LALeaf

    3rd race:
    1. kevlar
    2. LALeaf
    3. KiwiAcer

  2. Tie Breaker Results League 2- winner dls911, second mike552, third Zomoniac

  3. Is it possible to use jump option during the tournament?

  4. Yes of course you can use jump, you can use any of the power options in the game.

  5. Orrah hasn't played in 5 days… and what's up with league 9?