Tuesday A to Z - V

Nearly catching up with UGVM who completed the letter W last week. Just like the letter U, V is also difficult to find any games I have completed.

Vandal Hearts (PS1)
In the land of rpg's you have different types from your turn-based rpg's like Final Fantasy to action rpg's like Zelda. You also have a third in strategy or tactical rpg, these types of games are usually set out on a grid type formation in which you will move your characters a certain number of squares to attack the enemy by either long range or up close combat. Shining Force on the Megadrive introduced me to this type of game & remains one of my favourite s-rpg series. Unlike the previous 16-bit generation the Playstation received quite a few PAL rpg releases & this is how I noticed Vandal Hearts. Whilst browsing the HMV game shelf of newly released games I came across this game & it was not until I turned over the game case to see the back screen-shots that I saw a fire dragon spraying damage on enemies & the numbers 59 hovering above a character that I realised what I was holding was a rare PAL release of a s-rpg game. It offers you nothing new in terms of gameplay but what Konami does do is make a good set of characters and a great storyline to produce a very enjoyable s-rpg game.

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