Tuesday A to Z - U

What a tough letter I nearly had nothing to write about & then remembered my first football management game on the PC.

Ultimate Soccer Manager 98 (PC)
Taking the mighty Liverpool to the top of the league with a newly built stadium. You could manage every feature in this game from the advertising boards on the pitch to the price of hot-dogs. The improvement of the stadium grounds to player transfer. Playing Liverpool was obviously easy with the big bank budget they had but taking Oxford proved to be a tougher challenge & ultimately more rewarding when after 7 seasons they finally made it into the top flight. It took them another 3 season to claim the top prize.

Glorified spreadsheet or a working calculator. Football management games are all about number crunching in the background to advance the game. In my gaming years so far I have dabbled with this genre again with Kick Off World on the PS1 & Championship Manager 3 on the PC but nothing more recent. Why? Choice I guess there is now so much choice on what to play that I have not yet returned to the management simulation but more importantly I suppose that "New Experience" in gaming.

Just like in life I tend to get very bored doing the same task thus in gaming I get bored with playing the same type of game. I cannot understand those gamers who will pay £30 every year for the next Fifa, Tiger Woods or Call of Duty game (I suppose at least this has a single player campaign - albeit very short). I suppose this is where I should rush out now and go buy a Kinect......nope I think not.

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