Borderlands - Claptrap's New Robot Revolution

I have easily gotten my moneys worth out of this game already with currently having played 147 hours with my soldier class character since I received my first achievement on the 11th November 2009. I have been playing on/off since then, picking up the main quest in February 2010.

Then the DLC content much later on with the usual UGVM team of Cooltag, Gus, Sessile & Moi recently we completed the Claptrap Revolution DLC in which you are fighting a revolt by the claptraps. There are some humorous moments in the game especially when the robots did and say "404 Error, file not found" You also have a few more boss fights along the way until you get to the ultimate showdown with MINAC (Mega Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Claptrap)

The DLC also brings with it some annoying collect-a-ton achievements which will take you a while to unlock because of the poor drop rate of the rare items. There is also a find the statue quest which is fairly easy to miss so ensure when you see these statues you read the information plates. We also had a go at killing the Crawmerax

Now onto Mad Moxxi

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