iOS Gaming - Whose go is it?

I seemed to have hit a lull with my iOS gaming, the only games I play are the 'Your go, my go' specifically Word with Friends, Carcassonne, Disc Drivin & Hanging with Friends. I started playing Space Miner on the ipod touch a long time ago but I am stuck on the final boss (admittedly I have only had one attempt). On the iPad I did start a while a go playing Plants vs Zombies & Sid Meier's Pirates but have not been back to them in a few weeks.

I have not gotten bored of the devices far from it I use Newstap, Twitter & Tapatalk on my ipad & the ipod touch gives me internet browsing & emails in my pocket. Somehow I seemed to have made the decision that if I have time to play a game I prefer it to be on the Xbox 360 currently playing Splinter Cell Conviction & Torchlight.

With the start of the 'AAA' games season on consoles coming soon I don't see myself returning to play a game on the iPad or iPod touch anytime soon. Which reminds me it's my go on Carcassonne

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