New Game - Tiny Tower - Kaboom !!

Kaboom !! After playing for nearly a week I have just blown up my 35 floor tower, it's taken me 35 floors before I finally gave up on this time sink of a game. If you have ever played Farmville or any of the other thousand of variations you know the type of game I mean by time sink.

I have always despised games like Championship Manager, Farmville & Ravenswood Fair because they are games that have no ending, they continuously offer you the lure of an extra season, tile or in Tiny Tower's case another floor to build. You do not gain anything from the experience except the satisfaction of knowing you have built the largest tower, farm, city or whatever it is you are building.

Tiny Tower has you starting off on this grind by luring you into building floors & manage your residents by giving them a job in one of the many shops you build on the other floors. Match the resident with the dream job & you are rewarded by extra stock for that shop & 3 bux's. Bux's & Coin's are what you need to expand your tower. You get coins by stocking your shops & bux's by completing various tasks like transporting a visitor to a particular floor or fully stocking your shop.

Tiny Tower does have some interesting additions in the BitBook, which is a facebook type social media hub for your residents & by using gamecenter you can see how your tower is doing against your friends.

You continue this endless loop of stocking, building & managing until you shoot yourself in the head or realise what a waste of time this game was. "Digital Crack" is what these games are and the sooner you get yourself off the addiction the better.

Go play a proper game with a story & above all an ending.

Update 07/2012 - Nearly a year later & I'm back for a second stab at Tiny Tower


  1. Tiny Tower has an ending, there's a finite number of floors.

  2. Just a shame the game does not change much form the starting few floors, it's all the same all the way to the "finite" number.