I'm not a core gamer anymore :(

Apparently a core gamer plays an average 18 hours per week & purchased 5.4 games over three months.
The digital gamer plays 16 hours per week but buys 5.9 games over a three month period.

My average on the consoles over the last few months is probably only 2 to 3 hours a week & purchases in the last few months only 3 & one of those for my son.

Mainly playing Borderlands DLC with the "UGVM Claptrap Crew" & I did complete Costume Quest. Also April to June & the next three months to Sept are probably the worst 6 months for me to game. The daylight months usually have me involved in RL activities & gaming takes a back seat. I started Splinter Cell in May & even though it is a short game I'm still playing it. Unlike Abbas who likes to run through his games I take my time & play all the side-quests but worse my OCD kicks in to ensure I collect all the collectables.

On the iPod touch I average a lot more probably 6 to 8 hours a week & 7 purchases over the last few months. Mainly these have been the "My go, Your go" games like Carcassonne, Words with Friends, Disc Drivin & Hanging with Friends. Occasionally a game will come a long like Sword & Poker or currently 1000 Heroz which I enjoy playing playing on the iPod & shows off the device's potential. To me it's the perfect portable gaming machine.

Anyhow I'm not a core gamer or a digital gamer, I'm just an old git who does not have enough time to play video games. So I'm now GOAHNTTPVG (getting old and have no time to play video games)

I wonder if that domain is available ...

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