UGVM Disc Drivin Tournament

Chris (Witty) is running the first UGVM Disc Drivin Tournament

For those that do not know Disc Drivin is an iOS app in which you flick your coloured discs around a track whilst using power-up's to jump, stop, boost, drop bombs or go invisible.

List of participants:

1. SomethingWitty
2. gospvg
3. trooperlooper2
4. HaggisHunter
5. jochta
6. Sessile
7. actionabbas
8. monstermo
9. GusTavToo
10. carldjcross
11. Lufferov
12. Zomoniac
13. becs
14. ThermalSatsuma
15. Fluffmyster
16. Xexyzx

Group 1:
a) HaggisHunter
b) gospvg
c) Xexyzx
d) trooperlooper2

Group 2:
a) Zomoniac
b) actionabbas
c) GusTavToo
d) Sessile

Group 3:
a) monstermo
b) SomethingWitty
c) Fluffmyster
d) jochta

Group 4:
a) ThermalSatsuma
b) carldjcross
c) becs
d) Lufferov

Group Stage Races:
1. Track: RC Raceway - Player a invites (in order) players b, c, d.
2. Track: I in the Sky - Player b invites (in order) players c, d, a.
3. Track: Round and Round - Player c invites (in order) players d, a, b
4. Track: Bump in the Road - Player d invites (in order) players a, b, c

As previously mentioned, points will be awarded for each race as follows:1st
= 5pts, 2nd = 3pt, 3rd = 1pt, 4th = 0pts.
Please post results in this thread as and when each race is completed.

When starting a race, the host should stick a message in the chat window
straight away confirming that it is a tournament race, for the avoidance of
any doubt.

End date for the group races is Wednesday 20th July, without fail. Don't
make me be the bad guy. ;)

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