Tuesday A to Z - M

Still playing catch up with UGVM. So many games with M, I had to edit this list to keep it short.

Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
Stealth Em Up, I have not played the NES games so this was my first foray into a Stealth Em Up. Movie style productions & cut scenes are amazing and coming from a SNES I just sat back and enjoyed watching them. Solid Snake is a likeable character in this action filled adventure with its set pieces & big boss fights. Easily one of the highlights for me on the PS1. I very rarely play sequels and thus only partially played MGS2 & have not even looked at 3 or 4. Maybe if Konami released a MGS HD Collection for the PS3 ?

Mech Commander 2 (PC)
Mechs MEchs MEChs MECHs MECHS !!
Now this is the equivalent of gaming heaven, customise your Mechs  & take them into battle. Once you have finished the main campaign thanks mainly to Wolfman there a lot of custom campaigns & maps to download. Oh! This game is crying out for a sequel, I would eat my right arm for Mech Commander 3

Miracle Warriors (Sega Master System)
I’ve dabbled with text based RPG’s on the Electron with Sphinx Adventure & Dungeon Master on the Atari St but this was my first taste of a Japanese RPG in its turn based random battles style. I obviously enjoyed the experience because I then spent the next few years playing SNES, Mega Drive & PS1/PS2 RPG’s before the love for them died with Final Fantasy XIII

Mortal Kombat (Arcade)
Finish Him !!
The GTA of the Beat Em Up’s brutal, vicious & gory. You were either in the SF2 camp or Mortal Kombat, I enjoyed them both but I was a much better SF2 player, however everyone played this only for the opportunity to pull off the finishing moves.

Mario Bros (NES)
It’s me MARIO !! (Assassins Creed 2 quotes the famous line)
Although Mario could hardly talk on his first outing on the NES but he could still advance on his quest to save the Princess from the evil clutches of Bowser. Throughout the generations he has jumped on enemies, transformed into one of many costumes & of course gone down pipes. He is a plumber after all.

Mario Kart (Various)
Nintendo soon realised they had a mascot character in Mario so it was only a matter of time that a racing game would be made. Originally on the SNES & easily one of the best games you were firing off shells to knock your opponents, dropping  a banana peel & boosting your way to race victories.

Mario Party (N64/Wii)
Nintendo wanted to bring the board game feel to consoles & you either love or hate Mario Party. The Khan household love it, it is still the only game that is played on the wii most weekends by the kids. A simple hit the dice to move & collect coins to purchase stars. Along the way take part in a multitude of mini-games to gain more coins but above all the enjoyment of beating your fellow local players.

Monster Rancher (PS1)
To this day I still do not know why I wasted many hours playing this game. You start off by creating your monster which you can do randomly by inserting a music cd. You now know the rest. You have to feed, play, train & fight your monster in battles to become the top Monster Rancher. I blame Pokemon & Animal Crossing for this genre of growing, nurturing virtual items. I now look at these games in disgust, brainless timewasters. Yes I’m looking at you Farmville & the countless We Rule clones on the iOS platform. In fairness I should not criticise Animal Crossing because I have never played it & at least Pokemon had an RPG story to follow.

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