Splinter Cell Conviction - Frustration !!

How many times have you wanted to throw or break a controller in frustration? Which game was it? Final Fantasy XIII? Mario? Zelda? Sonic? Is it poor game design? Or just a lack of skill by the player?

Playing on the realistic setting I knew the game would throw up some challenges but it’s been fairly plain sailing for me so far until I got to Third Echelon HQ. First you had to plant two C4 explosives on the power generators without getting detected, the enemies are not bad you can easily dispose of them but it’s the cameras you have to keep an eye on. I managed to plant both the explosives and boarded the lift to the reception area. After a short cut scene you blow these explosives and have to run down the corridor before the emergency doors shut.

I vault over the reception desk and run for the hallway, bang dead ! ? There is an enemy in an office after you jump the desk. Ok I’ll get you next time. Restart the level, watch the cut scene & I duck this time behind the reception desk & take out the enemy in the office. The alarms are sounding & doors closing fast, run for the hallway and the doors slam shut in my face. Aargh !!

Ok try again, sod the guy in the office I’m going to ignore him and run for the hallway. Watch the UNSKIPABLE cut scene again. Jump the desk run for the hallway, the guy in the office has managed to shoot me once, the screen is flashing red. I make the hallway, past the first door running for the 2nd and two more enemies appear in front of me BANG!! Dead.


After another few failed attempts and swearing at the television. Abbas says let me have a go, so I pass the controller over. He watches the cut scene, vaults over the desk, shoots the guy in the office, runs past the first door & gets into cover to take out the two enemies that appear. Not worrying that the door in front of him his closing fast once they are killed he runs and slides underneath the last door. Passes me back the controller and says “here you go”

Hmmph !!

My lack of skill? The frustration getting the better of me? Payment for all the years I helped Abbas on games? (recently an achievement on Red Dead Redemption)

The pressure of playing to a timed event or a countdown timer, that is what I hate. AC Brotherhood had it at the end & Final Fantasy 7 had it with the exploding power plant.

Anyhow the controller survived and I went on to complete the level (which includes an equally annoying avoid the laser beams section, which I completed without Abbas’s help)

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