Tuesday A to Z - J

It took me a while to think of anything with J at all.

Jet Set Willy (Acorn Electron) – Control Willy to tidy up your house by avoiding enemies & collecting items. Very simple gameplay in left, right & jump but gave me my first platform game experience.

Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast) – Graffiti is bad kids unless you are playing a video game where you have to spray your tag everywhere to get recognition to advance to the next level. This is Sega at its best taking a simple idea of roller-blading & spraying graffiti to produce an amazing arcade like experience. I have not played the sequel Jet Set Radio Future (Nudge Nudge Toby), thoroughly enjoyable game & long overdue for a sequel on the current gen consoles.

Jungle Strike (Megadrive) – Ok I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here, I could not think of anything else I had played with the letter J. This is a helicopter flying game, get your mission, save the people & blow up the bad guys. You get the idea now let’s move onto the next letter.

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