Tuesday A to Z - K

Kingdon for Keflings (XBLA) – It’s the music !! The hypnotic music I tell you !! Why else would anyone play a game that has you wondering around mining for materials to build & repeat the process a billion times !! I have no other reason why I enjoyed playing this game, it’s the music I tell you.

Kick Off (Atari ST) – I love football, I enjoy supporting my teams (LFC & OUFC), I enjoy watching MOTD, I enjoy the occasional kick-about with family & friends but & a big BUT I hate playing football video games. I’m crap at them is a big factor but also the yearly Fifa squeals (intentional spelling mistake) & other constant clones has bored me to death. There was once a time when I did play them most notably ISS on the SNES or Kick Off on the Atari ST (Much better than the Amiga). Top down view footballing gaming at its best, so when is the iOS version coming out?

Kick Off World (PS1) – My first introduction to spread sheet gaming, I took Liverpool to the top of the league & rampaged across Europe winning many trophies ..& then I got bored.

Klonoa (PS1) – Cute, Cute & Cute with the usual platform affair. Jump, jump higher, jump higher & fall. Back to square 1 to start again. I was obviously a more patient gamer back then because I completed the game.

Koudelka (PS1) – Oh! PS1 I Love You, there I said it I love my PS1, so many games, so much enjoyment. Oh Koudelka, another Jap RPG .. moving on….

Kula World (PS1) – I am ball, a beach ball and that makes me a cool BALL. Oh yeah check me out, I’m bouncing, rolling everywhere collecting items I don’t need to advance to the next level. In fact I am so cool that SEGA copied me & put a monkey inside me !!

Kartia - World of Fate (PS1) - Is there an earlier example of an RPG with card-based play mechanisms? The Japanese market is lousy with them, but in the west the
original properties are outnumbered by the ones that are actually based around real trading card games. PSO Episode III and the SNK Card Fighter games come to mind. Another game on the backlog I mean to get back to at some point. I think the last time I touched Kartia was in 2002.

What someone already wrote this? Who? Kendrick? Nah !! Seriously?!

Kingdom Hearts (PS2) – Squaresoft & Disney get busy and out pops Kingdom Hearts. Your favourite Disney characters are all here from Mickey, Donald, Goofy to Tinkerbell & Lady Gaga (Oh wait sorry not her) !! Obviously designed for the younger generation it is a great collaboration & Disney really need to use their characters more in video games. Sequel? Um not played it.

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